Mary Ann Heald 1877-1928


Mary Ann Heald was born on the 21st June 1877, in Gullet, Aspull.  The second daughter of Edward Heald, a collier, and his wife Ellen (nee Bowden).  She was baptised on the 5th August 1877 at Hindley Hall Chapel in Aspull.


Her elder sister, Jane, was born two years earlier and Mary Ann was followed by James Edward and Ann..


At the time of 1881 census, the family were living at 90 Lower Gullet in Aspull.  By 1891, they have moved next door, to 88 Lower Gullet, next door to her Grandparents, Ralph and Jane.  Mary Ann is already working as a factory hand.


She met Richard Barlow, a collier from Wingates, and fell pregnant but her farther, Edward, would not allow them to marry until she was of full age.  She gave birth to a daughter, Alice Ann, on Christmas day 1896.


On the 14th of May, 1898, Mary Ann , now just of full age, married Richard  at St. John the Evangelist in Westhoughton.  Their witnesses were Ann Barlow (Richard's sister) and William Johns (her husband).


Their next child, a boy William, was born in 1900, soon followed by Wilfred, Edward, Titus, Richard, Ellen, Harold and Arnold. In 1901, the family were living at 398 Chorley Road, very close to his father. His father Titus died in 1903 at 358 Chorley Road. Sadly both Titus and Harold died as infants. Titus was buried at St Bartholemews (ceremony performed at St John’s on 21st December 1906) aged 15 months after measles and pneumonia. Harold was also buried at St Bartholemews (ceremony performed at St John’s on5th February 1913) aged just 14 days.


In 1901, Richard and Mary Ann were living at 400 Chorley Road, Wingates next door to Richard's brother, John. .Richard was a coal miner below ground and a 'metal man'.


On the 27th August 1902, her younger brother, James Edward, was killed by the fall of a roof stone in the coal mine.


Mary Ann and Richard moved to a cottage at 5 Barrel Rock, Wingates.  In later years, Richard no longer worked down the mine but was a general labourer.


Mary Ann died on the 6th of January, 1928 at her home, 5 Barrel Rock, of pneumonia aged 50, both her husband and son Richard were with her.

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