Annie Robinson 1897-1964


Annie Robinson was born in Horwich in 1897, the sixth child of Richard Robinson (a labourer) and Elizabeth Waine who were living at 11 Dickinson Street East.


Her elder siblings were Ellen, Robert, Mary Jane, and Margaret Alice, and three younger sisters followed Elizabeth, Emily and Ada.  (Her elder brother Thomas died in infancy, as sadly, did her younger sister Emily).


Her eldest sister Mary Jane married Arthur Ellison in 1909. By 1911, the family had moved to 18 Dickinson St East, which was a slightly bigger house with a bay window and Annie was working as a weaver with her sisters Margaret Ann and Elizabeth. There was a tiny shop at the end of the ‘odd side’ of Dickinson Street, which later became Jones’s. Her sister, Margaret Alice married John Rawlinson soon after in 1912.


On 27th September 1913, at Holy Trinity Horwich, Annie married James Bullough, from Blackrod, who worked as coal drawer, probably at the Klondyke (where sons Harold and Frank would later worked).


Their first child, a daughter, Elizabeth was born later that year whilst when Annie was 17 years old,


They moved to live at 11 Dickinson Street East, and three more children followed Emily in 1915, Harold in 1919 and Frank in 1922.


Her father Richard died in 1918, and her mother continued to live a few doors away in Dickinson street.


Her younger sister Ada married Lambert Patterson in 1933 and moved to Adlington. Some five years later, her mother Elizabeth died in October 1938, and Annie’s brother Robert moved into a rented house in Mary Street. None of the surviving family know what became of her elder sister Ellen or younger sister Elizabeth.


When Annie’s daughter Elizabeth married Arnold Barlow in 1938, they continued to live with Annie and Jimmy. But after Annie’s mother’s death, they moved in with Annie’s brother Robert in Mary Street. He had a sword which fascinated his niece’s children. Annie continued to raise her Granddaughter Rita, and when her Granddaughter Susan was born, there were four generations of the Bullough family living in Darley St. Annie looked after Susan while Rita went to work.


Annie didn’t really have any hobbies, and wasn’t a keen cook but baked a fresh rice pudding for her son Frank every single day.


 They were the first family in their area to have a television, ‘not a big one’, but it allowed all the children and grandchildren to watch the coronation in 1952. Her youngest son Frank loved new technology and they were also one of the first families locally  to have a telephone and a radio alarm clock too.


Annie’s daughter Elizabeth died suddenly in 1960, soon followed by her husband Jimmy and he Brother-in-Law Jack (Margaret Alice’s husband). Annie ‘went a bit strange’, nowadays this would be described as depression, and she went into a psychiatric Unit at Prestwich for treatment but made a full recovery


Annie died in the winter of 1964 at and was buried in Ridgmont Cemetery Horwich.

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