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Timothy Sanders 1879-1932


Timothy Sanders was born on the 14th March 1879 at Brades Colliery village in Rowley Regis, Staffordshire, the son of John Sanders a brickworks labourer (later a brickburner) and Anne (formerly Richards).  Anne had previously been married to John’s father Josiah, though she was only twelve years older than John.


Timothy was a Sanders family name, and his father John had an Uncle Timothy who was close in age to his father Josiah. He was their second son, their first, John was already two years old. Two further sons were to follow, Joseph in 1884 and Charles Frederick in 1886.


His mother Anne died in 1888, when he was nine years old, and soon after, his father married Tamar Morris (a widow, nee Baggott) . John and Tamar  married at St Giles Church in Rowley Regis in 1894. She already had four children John, Emma, William and Isaac, from her first marriage, all older than Timothy.


By 1891, the family were living at 49 Junction street Oldbury in Brades village where John and Tamar remained until John died early in the 20th Century. At some point, Timothy most likely moved up to Lancashire where he met Martha Leach (probably in Horwich), though why is not yet clear.


In the autumn of  1903, Timothy and Martha married at the Providence Chapel, Churchbridge, Oldbury,  a new Connexion Methodist church, and their daughter Annie was born shortly afterwards in Rowley Regis. Timothy was a labourer living at 49 Junction street Oldbury (the home of his father John). Martha was living at 15 Albion street. Their witnesses were John Sanders (its unclear whether this is Timothy’s father or his elder brother) and Elizabeth Pardoe (the Pardoe family was widespread in Rowley Regis at that time).


By 1906 they were living in Horwich, where their second daughter Bina was born. Their son Timothy was also born in Horwich in 1908, but their fourth child Alice was born back in Staffordshire. What took them back there, is also unclear.


When war broke out in 1914 Timothy was 34 years old and towards the end of the war, he was conscripted into the army. A photo in Martha’s front room in the 1940’s suggested he reached the rank of sergeant.


Their daughter Gladys was born back in Horwich in 1915, as were all their subsequent children.


In 1924 Timothy and Martha were living already living at 10 Dickinson street East in Horwich where Martha  lived until at least the start of 1935.


His stepmother Tamar died in autumn of 1926 aged 72 years. Timothy had always kept his links with the Midlands, as indeed later, did his children.


Only one photograph of Timothy has been traced, which is believed to have been taken in the 1920’s. All members of the immediate family who met him have also unfortunately died. What it does show is that Timothy had a good head of hair into his later years and an impressive moustache. Timothy’s last known occupation was working as a firebeater, probably at a local mill.


Timothy died in Townleys Hospital aged 53 and was buried at Ridgemont cemetery on the 11th August 1932, leaving Martha with 6 of their 8 children still living at home, the youngest, Raymond, only 9 years old.