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Injuries and running


There’s a statistic often banded about the internet that 70% (or there about) of runners will suffer an injury every year.  In the section for Beginners I describe some of the ways to try and prevent injuries, but what should you do should he worst happen and you pick something up??


I’ll try and describe a few of the common running related injuries and some treatments.  I must state, however, that any advice here is only from my experience (from suffering and from reading other sources), it does not replace advice from a doctor or physical therapist.


Use the drop down from the menu above to select an injury of interest!!!


Where to start?


Ok, so you’re hurt and want to now if it’s worth going to the docs. There’s loads of online resources, a popular one is

You point at the area that hurts and it guides you through some diagnoses and suggested treatments.  If you are in any doubt go and see your doc, hopefully they are responsive to you as a runner, although you do often hear tales of them just saying, “take some pain relief and stop running”.  Nowadays general practitioners are trying to promote a more healthy lifestyle and will be encouraging.