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When starting your research, you need to decide what you want to achieve.   


Do you want to;


1. trace your ancestors as far back as possible?


2. find family who are still living, to fill in the recent history of your family


3. find someone famous/infamous in your family!


4. tracing names from the past, e.g. the mysterious Aunty who visited when you were a child or even the dotty old lady in the sweet shop when you were a kid.


5. Methodically trace your past, filling in siblings / professions / stories to bring your past to life.



None of these is the wrong thing to do, but the way you approach it may be different.  Keeping a focus on what you want to achieve will stop your research from getting distracted.  As you delve through the past, you may find your ambition changes , so don't forget to take stock every now and then.

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