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Pretty basic set of pages I’m afraid, it’s been on my list of things to do for ages and never quite made it to the top...


Hopefully you might pick up a couple of hints + tips on various running matters - or at least find a link to something that might.


Please use the links above to access info on injury, starting out in running and other bits and bobs to read and some (hopefully useful) links.


About me....


After a 14 or so year break from running, I took up the sport again 5 or 6 years ago doing 5 and 10km type runs and races.  3 years ago I switched back to track and field (where I competed as a youngster), now competing in sprints and jumps.

I still have a keen interest in all types of athletic events.

I have also begun coaching athletics to youngsters and adults as part of my club through England Athletics.


I am a scientist during the day, and I hope I can bring my problem solving skills to the art of running.






I’m a pretty  terrible webmaster, so any omissions, mistakes, copyright infringements etc!!! then please contact me through the genealogy page form - thank you!!!